Monday, July 15, 2024

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Of few crooked and corrupt Malawi lawyers

I am deeply disappointed by the behavior exhibited by certain lawyers in this country. Recent media reports have exposed cases of lawyers deceiving or misappropriating funds from their clients. While I won’t mention specific names for you know who they are, their actions or alleged conduct are certainly unbecoming. What is particularly surprising is that one of these lawyers has been known for championing the fight against impunity and criticizing President Lazarus Chakwera’s administration accusing it of perpetrating dishonesty, impunity and theft among others.

When this lawyer accuses others, it creates the impression that they possess a strong sense of integrity. However, the leaked letter purported to be from the Malawi Law Society (MLS) circulating on social media, which alleges his involvement in embezzlement, raises doubts about his own conduct. It seems like a case of pointing out a speck in someone else’s eye while ignoring the log in your own.

Furthermore, it is alarming to witness the arrogance displayed by this lawyer, as deduced from the contents of the letter, as he disregarded the summons from the MLS, the body responsible for overseeing lawyers. One would ask, how different is this kind of behavior from the impunity exhibited by officials from the DPP which he erroneously apportion to Chakwera administration?

We can only hope that this lawyer will be exonerated. However, if he is found guilty, like the other lawyer who has been hit with a six month suspension, it will deeply shock those who believed that he was a beacon of integrity.

Yours Joseph Chitambe, Blantyre.

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