Friday, March 1, 2024

Undule Mwakasungula Endorses Chakwera’s Essential DRC Journey

Pres. Chakwera

Seasoned Human Rights Activitist Undule Mwakasungula has provided a robust defense for President Lazarus Chakwera’s trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), categorizing it not merely as essential but an absolute necessity. Mwakasungula dismissed the criticisms surrounding the President’s travel from a less informed or propaganda oriented small sect of the nation, emphasizing that there is an inherent duty of leaders to promote the nation globally without political bias. He asserted that, considering Malawi’s interconnectedness with the world, international trips form an integral part of the president’s responsibilities, citing the breaking of the travel suspension to attend Felix Tshisekedi’s swearing-in ceremony as an example.

Mwakasungula elaborated on the diplomatic benefits of such visits, contending that the president’s presence at the inauguration signals Malawi’s support for and goodwill towards the incoming DRC president. He highlighted the potential for strengthened relationships, envisioning collaboration in trade, security, and regional stability. Furthermore, Mwakasungula stressed the opportunities for negotiating bilateral agreements during these trips, covering areas like trade, investment, and various sectors with enduring economic and political advantages for Malawi.

Chakwera in DRC

He underscored the importance of presidential participation in international events, citing its role in addressing global challenges, attracting foreign investment, opening new markets for Malawian products, and fostering a positive international image. Mwakasungula also emphasized the enhanced influence and visibility on the world stage, noting that leaders can shape the global agenda and represent national interests. Additionally, he emphasized the symbolic significance of presidential participation in international celebrations, such as inaugurations, in fostering solidarity and cooperation among nations.







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