Wednesday, April 24, 2024
Law and order

Rule of law as city council closes Mzuni over outstanding ground rates

Mzuni during protests

Mzuzu University continues to make embarrassing headlines the latest being the closure of its main campus at Luwinga by the Mzuzu City Council over outstanding city rates.

A memo released by the registrar of the University, Yonam Ngwira, is informing students and staff of that “the main gate at M1 has been sealed by the Mzuzu City Council officials this morning over outstanding city rates.”

The memo is advising students and staff and service providers “to stay away from the campus until advised otherwise.”

Social commentators say this is rule of law in operation owing to the political will various enforcement agencies have been given by the Tonse Alliance to do their job according to the law.

In a related development of promoting the rule of law, the police recently fined Minister of Health Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda for negligently driving a motor vehicle with expired insurance documentation.

Shiretimes Editor