Thursday, July 18, 2024

Prophet Liabunya says DPP with APM as candidate will never ever win in 2025

Prophet Austin Liabunya

Prophet Liabunya who claims told Peter Mutharika in the face that he would become one term President of Malawi in 2014 have also told his former client that he should quit politics for  his own sake and for the sake of his party.

Speaking yesterday on his facebook page, Liabunya said there is nothing in the spirit showing that Mutharika will bounce back as President in 2025, nothing.

He hinted that DPP will be led by a quite person who is currently fighting silently. He dared Mutharika to contest in 2025 and see the serious consequences his decision will have on his own life as well as on the future of the party.

“He should be a figure where people should go to seek wisdom from and not him leading the party,” Liabunya said.

Giving a glimpse of the 2025 elections, Liabunya said it will be an election riddled with massive ‘betrayals’ on the scale like it has never been seen.

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