Thursday, July 18, 2024

Progressive as Malawi leader Chakwera invites Civil Society to monitor govt. projects

Chakwera and HRDC leader Gift Trapence

President Lazarus Chakwera yesterday invited the leadership of the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) to collaborate with the government in monitoring infrastructure projects. This partnership demonstrates the President’s recognition of the importance of civil society organizations in promoting transparency and accountability in government initiatives.

By involving HRDC in monitoring infrastructure projects and providing regular reports on delays, President Chakwera aims to expedite the completion of these projects, which are crucial for the development of the country and the well-being of its citizens. This initiative aligns with the government’s goal of achieving economic development and attaining middle-income status.

The HRDC’s acceptance of this role reflects its commitment to fulfilling its responsibilities of checks and balances and ensuring that government projects are carried out transparently and efficiently. The organization has a track record of advocating for human rights in Malawi and has played a significant role in promoting free and fair elections in the country.


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