Friday, March 1, 2024

Mutharika’s Shocking Insult: Malawians Labeled ‘Stupid’ for Rejecting Him in 2020


Prior to him, Norman Paulos Chisale, his bodyguard, unleashed a tirade on national television, making threats against senior government officials. As a consequence of his aggressive behaviour, he was apprehended and is currently facing charges of insults and obstruction of justice. Just recently, it was the former president, Mutharika himself, who, in a press conference three days ago, brazenly labelled Malawians as stupid for rejecting him from power.

This happened at his PAGE House where the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) held a press briefing with the party’s leader losing it and called Malawians stupid for voting him out of power.

Responding to one of the questions, DPP President and the country’s former Head of State Peter Arthur Mutharika angrily said Malawians made a “stupid” decision for not voting for him in the 2020 elections.

“Am sorry to say this, Malawians you made a choice; munandinena kuti ndine okalamba, opanda mano and those nonsenses and all that stupidity,” said Mutharika. It’s quite unusual that three years after his humiliating defeat, Mutharika still harbors bitterness over not being in the State House.

Lucky enough, Malawians are now familiar with the type of leaders within the DPP. The decision of whether to trust a leader who discredits them by labeling them as stupid with authority is in their hands as they make their choice in 2025.

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