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Ministry of Lands Invests in Employee Training at Malawi School of Government

Ministry of Lands Officials

In a bid to enhance the efficiency of land management, the Ministry of Lands has taken a proactive step by enrolling 50 of its staff members in a comprehensive 4-week induction program at the Malawi School of Government-Mpemba Campus. This move underscores the crucial role land plays as an economic asset, necessitating well-trained personnel and regular refresher courses.

During the inaugural session on Monday, Minister of Lands Deus Gumba urged civil servants to deliver services with utmost effectiveness and efficiency, emphasizing the paramount importance of integrity while handling land-related matters and warning against any form of corruption.

Dr. Asiyatu Chiweza, the Director General of the Malawi School of Government, highlighted that the induction course aims to address existing shortcomings in the provision of land-related services to the public, ultimately fostering a culture of excellence.

This marks the initial phase of a larger initiative, with the Ministry of Lands anticipating the participation of 200 more officers in subsequent induction courses.

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