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MERA CEO Kachaje Denounces Truck Driver’s Sabotage to Deliver in Malawi

Henry Kachaje: MERA CEO

It seems that there are individuals who take pleasure in the suffering of Malawians, particularly relishing the sight of citizens enduring long queues for fuel. To illustrate this, as per the Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) CEO Henry Kachaje,  a significant number of fuel-carrying trucks are currently stranded at the Mwanza, Songwe, and Dedza borders on their way to the country. Kachaje disclosed that none of these trucks are moving due to an ongoing strike by the truck drivers.

Kachaje went on to reveal that the leader of this strike has issued a strong order, forbidding any driver from attempting to operate these trucks. This warning carries a serious threat, akin to a potential harm to the drivers. It suggests that if they decide to transport the fuel, there might be personal repercussions.

Kachaje characterizes this strike as ‘criminal’ because of its detrimental impact on the distribution of fuel within the country. He is also concerned that, unless the issue is resolved, fuel shortages and queues could make a comeback.

Both energy and health services are indispensable necessities, with far-reaching implications for the nation’s security. Therefore, any attempt to exploit these issues for personal or political gain should be strongly condemned.

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