Tuesday, May 21, 2024

MCP to hold elective indaba in August 2024 says SG Mkaka

Mkaka flanked by Ministers during the Presser

The Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has announced that its Elective Convention (EC) is scheduled to take place in August 2024. The party’s Secretary General, Eisenhower Mkaka, made this announcement during a media briefing in Lilongwe on Monday. According to Mkaka, the decision was reached during the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting on November 21, 2022. The MCP aims to uphold its tradition and historical practices while also aligning with the new electoral calendar as legislated by the members of Parliament.

“Today the 31st of July, 2023, I have called for this press briefing to inform the Nation in general, and Party members in particular, about the Party’s elective Convention.

“As you may be aware the Constitution of the Party gives a 5-year mandate to the National Executive Committee (and all Party’s elected Officers) to manage the affairs of the Party on behalf of the members who are the owners of the Party.

The National Executive Committee as a Committee of the National Party Convention is charged with the responsibility of the party’s management on a 5-year mandate.,” said Mkaka.

He added: ”You may also recall that traditionally and historically, The Malawi Congress Party holds its elective Convention a year before General Elections.

“As you may also recall, the electoral calendar in Malawi was changed as a result of the Fresh Presidential Elections that were held in June 2020.”

The Secretary-General (SG) mentioned that the specific dates for the Convention will be disclosed at a suitable moment, in accordance with the resolution made by the Party’s National Executive Committee.

In recent times, the Malawi Parliament has enacted laws stating that General Elections in Malawi will occur in September every five years, starting from 2025, to maintain the constitutional five-year mandate for the State President, members of Parliament, and Ward Councilors.

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