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MCP launches construction project of modern party office in Karonga: ‘Dunduzu Chisiza complex’


The ruling Malawi Congress Party yesterday inaugurated the construction of a modern and expensive office complex in Karonga district. This office will serve as the headquarters for the North-North political region, which includes Karonga, Chitipa, and Rumphi districts.

During the project launch, Eisenhower Mkaka, the Secretary General of the Malawi Congress Party, expressed gratitude to the KWACHA PROJECT GROUP, a faction within the party, and the youth who initiated this endeavor. He highlighted that the project aligns with the party’s long-standing vision for infrastructure development, a vision rooted in the time of the late Ngwazi Hastings Kamuzu Banda, who had laid the foundation for various developmental initiatives, including the construction of party offices.

Mkaka announced that they are considering naming the new building “Dunduzu Chisiza” to honor the memory of the late Dunduzu Chisiza, a prominent figure who served in both the Malawi Congress Party and the Kamuzu government in various roles.

He urged all supporters of the Malawi Congress Party to follow the example set by the Kwacha Project members, as this project is intended to support President Chakwera and the MCP in remaining in power beyond the year 2025.

In a post-event interview, Mkaka emphasized the strong foundation laid by the party’s founders, which enabled them to have offices and structures at various levels, from grassroots to national. He described the project as a continuation of their founders’ legacy and an expansion of the party’s presence across the country.

Speaking at the event, the North-North regional chairman for MCP, Kezzie Msukwa, emphasized the historical significance of Karonga in Malawi’s political history and commended the construction of the office as an honor to the district and the entire region. He also praised President Lazarus Chakwera for following the visionary leadership of the late Kamuzu Banda.

The representative of the Kwacha Project group, in his speech, explained that the main purpose of this project is to preserve the party’s history. He revealed that the funds for the construction come solely from contributions made by party members, irrespective of their positions in the government.

The State of the Art building, estimated to cost K300 million, is a brainchild of the party’s youth under the name Kwacha Project. It will house the office for the North-North political region, the Karonga district party office, a business section available for rent, a conference room, and a library, among other facilities.

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