Friday, July 12, 2024

Mbele, Muluzi and Professor Bandawe converge sense and approve Chakwera’s surgical operation on Malawi’s economy


“It takes men of courage to accept the truth and change the discourse” – Mbele says.

President Chakwera’s fierce critique, Joshua Chisa Mbele, has expressed his mind that opposing the devaluation that the Government has announced yesterday is tantamount to cheap politics.

While reminding Malawians that it is the DPP administration which perpetuated Cashgate that is the main axis of Malawi’s failing economy, Mbele opines that Malawi has two critical issues in at the moment to take care of, citing “the ailing economy which is in a comma” and “the poorest of the poor who happen to be the majority of our population”.

“The Kwacha will either fall further on its own or it will regain the losses if we reform the economy. In 1980s the Zambian Kwacha was less than a paper it was printed on. The Shops were empty. No Fanta. No Coca Cola. No Sobo. It takes men of courage to accept the truth and change the discourse”, he says.

Meanwhile, President Chakwera has cancelled postponement of necessary dosage and started administering operations aimed at re-arranging and adjusting the economy. During his inauguration message, President Chakwera forewarned that Malawi is a critical patient who requires deep surgeries to be rescued back to normal life.

The opposition United Democratic Front’s former President and potential candidate for the 2025 elections has backed President Chakwera’s decisive action: “Our great Nation need not be in this unfortunate current situation. This has been created by multi factors from the past, beyond the control of even the wisest of our leaders. We should not get into the blame game, nor fall into chaos & confusion. Instead, with clear vision and firm resolution, we will focus on fundamental lasting changes, based on introducing and implementing a series of solid programs of effective domestic wealth generation”.

The wavelength of Muluzi’s message has equaled the amplitude of Mbele who has told opportunistic opposition to “stop politicising the medication” that President Chakwera is administering to the ailing economy.

We will struggle, yes. No question about it BUT there is no shortcut to heaven. You have to die first. Pass through the valley of dry bones.

Psychologist, Professor Chiwoza Bandawe, has tipped the citizenry to accept and embrace the economic shocks triggered by the devaluation of the Malawi Kwacha.

Professor Bandawe says, “If people are feeling fearful, angry, and confused, they have to acknowledge the feeling. They have to adjust and look at other ways of dealing with the situation.”


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