Sunday, May 26, 2024

Malawi takes heed of call for innovative funding for sustainable cities

Chomanika at COP 28

During COP 28, a subsequent ministerial meeting focused on urbanization and climate change has concurred on the need to amplify efforts in identifying innovative funding sources to expedite the sustainable cities agenda. More than 60 ministers and 100 mayors from around the world recognized the imminent threats posed to their cities by escalating climate risks. Consequently, they committed to strengthening collaboration and partnerships.

In a separate interview, Malawi’s Deputy Minister of Local Government and Unity, Owen Chomanika, acknowledged that Malawi faces challenges in achieving sustainability in its cities, citing poor coordination among key sectors, exemplified by issues in Njamba Park and Michiru Green Spaces. Chomanika affirmed that his ministry will persist in engaging all relevant stakeholders to ensure that funds obtained from engagements like COP 28 are effectively utilized to steer Malawi’s cities toward sustainable trajectories.

However, the Deputy Minister cautioned that to achieve this goal, city councils must adopt an unconventional and innovative approach to their operations.

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