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Malawi First Lady Monica Chakwera Partners with United Culture Centre for Youth Exchange Programs

First Lady Monica Chakwera and Li Yiling

The President of the United Culture Center, Li Yiling, announced that the ongoing collaboration with the Shaping Our Future Foundation will inaugurate educational and cultural exchange programs for young people, fostering connections between Malawi and other nations.

Yiling conveyed these intentions following her meeting with First Lady Monica Chakwera in New York during the United Nations General Assembly. The First Lady was honored by the United Culture Centre with a prestigious award recognizing her unwavering commitment to advancing girls’ education. Yiling expressed her admiration for First Lady Monica Chakwera’s efforts through the Shaping Our Future Foundation to promote girls’ education as a means of enhancing gender equality in Malawi.

“I am impressed with her work and we have agreed to work together to close the gaps, addressing challenges encountered by youths and uplift women and young girls lives through education and cultural initiatives,’’ she said.

Yiling further said her partnership with Shaping Our Future Foundation will facilitate cultural and education programs in Malawi that will provide opportunities for girls to participate in cultural and educational initiatives.

“Malawi being a developing country may face challenges in allocating sufficient resources to support and sustain such initiatives hence the need for the collaboration to address economic and social issues,” said Yiling.

She said that the program will involve international artist scholars and experts who can share their knowledge and skills with the local communities hence the need for collaboration.

“Our partnership can open doors to collaborations between Malawian artists and their counterparts from other countries, I can support and initiate cultural and educational exchange programs between Malawian artists,” she emphasized.

She added that leveraging expertise connections and influencing partnerships through Shaping Our Future Foundation can create meaningful opportunities for cultural exchange between Malawi and other Nations.


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