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Malawi Energy Minister Matola Applauds EU for MERA Support

Matola, EU and other officials

Minister of Energy and Mining, Ibrahim Matola, expressed his appreciation for the European Union’s generous grant support of 2.5 million Euros for the initiation of the Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority’s (MERA) twinning project. This project is geared towards advancing modernization and industrialization within the country’s economy.

During the launch event on Monday, Matola stated that the provided assistance would enhance MERA’s capabilities, enabling them to carry out their responsibilities more effectively and thereby enhance service delivery.

“MERA as an authority needs to be well equipped and connected to its customers as well as regional regulators. The help received from the European Union is of significance and will help the country to move towards Vision 2063,” said Matola.

On his part, European Ambassador to Malawi, Rune Skinnebach, emphasized the European Union’s unwavering dedication to aiding the country in realizing its set objectives for 2063. This commitment includes bolstering the energy sector to ensure that stable and reasonably priced energy is accessible to the people of Malawi.

“The EU supports Malawi’s long term development plan of attaining an industrialized upper income middle status by 2063. Our hope is that Malawi’s energy sector is uplifted for the benefit of the people,” Skinnebach said.


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