Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Malawi court orders Babylon to fall: Rasta Child to attend school in dreadlocks

Babylon has fallen

Victory for the Rastafarian community as news emanating from the High Court in Zomba is to the effect that the court there has ordered the Ministry of Education to allow children of the Rastafarian community to be registered in government schools.

Judge Zione Ntaba declining Rasta Child from attending government because of his dreadlocks was unconstitutional and not in conformity with the law.

“The ministry of education should issue a statement to allow all children of the Rastafarian community with dreadlocks to be allowed in class. The circular should be done by 30th June,” ordered Ntaba in part of her ruling.

Center for Human Rights Education Advise and Assistance, Women lawyers Association and Southern African Litigation Center assisted in claiming the rights of Rastafarian children. This is a big victory to Rasta as this signifies the fall of Babylon.





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