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Malawi AG Faces Shocking Racism at Amyryllis Hotel: Chased Down, Dehumanized

Attorney General, Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda.

We often hear of racism abroad, never imagining it would be so prevalent in our own country, and worse yet, directed at a high-ranking government official, Malawi’s Attorney General.

The Shire Times has learnt about a shocking racism Attorney General Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda endured at the hands of Amyryllis Hotel staff in the country’s commercial capital of Blantyre.

Nyirenda revealed this troubling experience on his Facebook page.

Nyirenda disclosed latent racism on his Facebook wall.

“Some lousy experience with the character of racism: Being ordered to check out of the hotel by Amyryllis Hotel management to accommodate some guests from some North African country. I just had to move to my lovely Sunbird Mount Soche Hotel whose management happily welcomed me,” said Nyirenda arousing angry comments directed towards the hotel by Malawians on the social media.

“This calls for action, imagine a senior government officer like you being ordered to do so…how about a common man?” said Chifundo Kapesa.

James Chavula, oozing patriotism in his comment, chided the Attorney General for being a coward and letting Malawians down.

“James Chavula

“I think you have let your nation down by going down to Mount Soche without putting up a good fight. Unreasonable orders should be resisted at all cost, especially by people in your privileged positions of power. You owe it to the Malawi nation to challenge such social profiling with a tint of racism.

“If you sheepishly go down to Mount Soche like a trembling rain-soaked cockerel, what do you expect an ordinary or nameless Nyirenda to do when subjected to similar or worse social profiling? Nearly all the revolution against unequal treatment in my books were not won by people who just walked away or sought refuge in spaces where they were accepted as equals, but by those who resolutely stood up for their rights and confronted the oppressors for the good of their kind.

“Bwana AG, stop behaving like mwana mbelere wa Chiuta or the proverbial submissive sheep being led to a slaughterhouse. Put up a fight and disabuse bigots of the isms they use to oppress your nation. Not all is lost. Surely, a comeback will do. Arise!” he said.

In reponse to this incident, Minister of Tourism Vera Kamtukule has indicated that the hotel is now under the scrutiny of her ministry.

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