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Lucious Banda suspended from Mzuzu University; three others fall with him

Mzuni during protests

The President of the Mzuzu University Students Representative Council (MUSREC) Lucious Banda has been suspended for a period of two years, along with other students, due to their involvement in the violent protests that occurred last month at the institution. These protests were in response to the increased tuition fees implemented by the government across all public universities in the country.

According to a memorandum obtained by the Shire Times and signed by University Registrar Yonamu Ngwira, the suspensions were a result of disciplinary hearings conducted by the Students Disciplinary Committee from October 11th to 13th, 2023.

Among those most significantly affected apart from Banda is Mr. Iveen Changata, who has received a one-year suspension, along with Mr. Jamestone Kasambara and Miss Rennence Billiati. Out of the 19 students summoned for disciplinary hearings, some were acquitted while others received warnings.

An anonymous student expressed dissatisfaction with the disciplinary process, deeming it to be biased, unjust and an act of witch-hunt.

The male student noted that, “Almost every student participated in those violent demonstrations, and proof is readily available, with pictures circulating on social media depicting a large gathering of students on the streets protesting. How is it that only 19 were called for disciplinary meetings? Does this mean they were the sole participants? What about those of us who stood with them and were part of the protests? Are we considered innocent? If the administration truly acted with fairness, all of us Mzuzu University students needed to bear the consequences of our actions rather than singling out and penalizing a few students,” voiced the student.




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