Sunday, May 26, 2024

World Bank Applauds President Chakwera’s Mega Farms Initiative in Malawi


The World Bank has expressed its dedication to collaborating with the government to transform Malawi’s agricultural landscape by providing support to farmers in the country.

During the inauguration of the Katunga-Maseya Mega Farm in Chikwawa, Hugh Ridell, the Country Director of the World Bank, emphasized that initiatives like this would shift Malawi’s agricultural approach from being a low-yield, subsistence-based model to one that is focused on large-scale production, surplus output, and exports.

The Country Director also praised President Chakwera for demonstrating a high level of political commitment to fostering productive partnerships among smallholder farmers, particularly those organized as cooperatives, with women and youth playing significant roles.

According to the Country Director, the World Bank has already approved funding of over MK265 billion for the upcoming phase of the Agricultural Commercialization Project, aimed at further empowering small-scale farmers throughout the country.

President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera officially launched the 1,174-hectare Katunga-Maseya Mega Farm in Chikwawa. This farm is a collaborative effort between local farmers and Presscane Limited, focusing on the cultivation of sugarcane for the production of ethanol and related products.


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