Sunday, May 26, 2024

Kudos to ESCOM & EGENCO for maintaining power on Christmas

Today is Christmas and much as economic wise things are not okay for most Malawians but had it been that it was compounded by lack of electricity, then Christmas would have been sour.

However, the country’s power generating and supplying bodies, EGENCO and ESCOM have done a good job on Christmas. Making sure that Malawians have power all day long.

A snap survey by Shire Times has shown that power has been maintained throughout the day, some areas have had the power all day long since two days ago. All this is courtesy of EGENCO and ESCOM.

If there are areas with no power, it is perhaps due to fault problems and ESCOM officials are on the ground working to make sure that they do not dampen the Christmas mood of most Malawians in the country.

When things are okay, we have to give credit. So yes, we at Shire Times give well-deserved credit to ESCOM for living true to the spirit of Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all EGENCO and ESCOM officers working hard today to make sure that power is maintained on this very important day.

Editor In-Chief
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