Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Isolated DPP Secretary General Grizelder Sparks Political Turmoil with Convention Plan

Jeffrey in a solo presser

Strutting into the spotlight at a press conference in the heart of  the capital Lilongwe, Grizelder Jeffrey, the Secretary General of the Opposition Democratic Progressive Party, Grizelder Jeffrey told the nation that the Party’s National Governing Council (NGC) would convene on December 6 to agree on when to hold a convention. With a court breathing down their necks since September 29, demanding a convention within 90 days, Jeffrey emphasized the NGC’s imperative role in orchestrating this event.

Jeffrey, seemingly a lone warrior, asserted her authority in calling for the NGC meeting and she did not come out clear that the move to call for the NGC meeting had the blessings of Party President Peter Mutharika.

It is unlikely Mutharika sanctioned this press conference for the faction which he leads is a crop of power-hungry leaders, wrapped in a cloak of arrogance and impunity who thinks they are above the law in the country.

When they acted like sovereigns when they were in power, little did they know that their ‘sovereignty’ was a mirage, which was shattered on June 23, 2020, when Malawians, fed up with their tyranny, ejected them from power. Rather than dragging the entire nation down their destructive path, they were left to wallow in their own demise, isolated from the country’s future.

Today, the demon of chaos and confusion is still haunting them as instead of showing unity of purpose, they continue to show the traits of savages they have always been.

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