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Intelligence Officials Sanuka, Munthali Interdicted For Sexual Harassment

Intelligence Officials Sanuka, Munthali Interdicted For Sexual Harassment  

Two senior officers at the National Intelligence Service (NIS) have been interdicted for allegedly harassing and defaming female officers, Shire Times has learnt.


According to the interdiction letters in our possession, the duo, Mr. Ackim Sanuka and Mr. Kamuzyange Munthali, resorted to sexual harassment and defamation after their attempts to be in love affair with the victims hit a snag.


Sources indicate that three female officers who complained that the two officers had been asking them out and when the ladies rejected them they decided to defame them.


In their evil scheme, the duo peddled lies that the victims were fighting over one of the Directors.


They also verbally accused the ladies of being favored to go on field operations because they were sleeping with the Directors.


“I have been reliably informed that you committed Acts of Misconduct on several occasions by defaming your fellow female employees that caused distress to them contrary to the Malawi Public Service Regulations (MPSR) 1:201 (13) which states that a Civil Servant is guilty of a misconduct when: he conducts himself on one or more occasions in a disgraceful, improper and unbecoming manner, or while on duty is grossly discourteous to any person,” reads one of the letters in part.


The interdiction epistle further reads: “Therefore, I am left with no any other option but to interdict you on full pay with immediate effect to pave way for more investigations.”


The officers are also suspected to be behind a litany of leakages and scathing articles against senior officers of the institution.

Shire Times further understands that one of the harassed victims, who is a married woman, is having her marriage hanging by a thread  as her husband has been left with an impression that his wife’s work colleagues share a good part of her.

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