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Government to construct official house for Paramount Chief Kyungu

Kyungu-I am honoured to witness the construction of the royal residence-Picture by Jordan Simeon-Phiri


The Lazarus Chakwera led government has revealed plans to construct an official house for Paramount Chief Kyungu of Karonga and Chitipa districts.

In an interview, Karonga District Commissioner Paul Kalilombe said the Tonse Alliance government appreciates roles traditional leaders play in preserving culture and the socio economic development of the country hence the need for chiefs to have official and decent houses to enhance their performance.

He said: “Government through the Council has decided to construct a decent and official house for the Paramount Chief Kyungu as a way of respecting unwavering support and advisory roles chiefs play in the country”.

In another interview, Karonga District director of public works Allan Chitete said it is true that through the Council, government will construct the official house at a place that the incumbent Paramount Chief Kyungu will identify for the contractor, Horizon Building and Civil Engineering Contractors to resume construction works.

“It is true that government is constructing an official house for the Paramount Chief. The process of identifying the contractor was done and right he is on the construction site and the construction works will take 120 days whose value is K50 million,” he said.

When contacted, Paramount Chief Kyungu expressed profound gratitude to President Chakwera for directing government to construct the official residence for the Kyungu chieftaincy, saying this is the first time in the history of Kyungu chieftaincy.

He said: “As the incumbent Paramount Chief, I am extremely happy to witness the construction of an official residence for the Kyungu Paramountship. From the colonial to independence and democracy, it is only Paramount Chief Kyungu that has never had an official house.

“So, I am greatly honoured because as I am speaking, the construction of the royal residence is underway.

Kyungu said that in consultation with the seven Kyungu houses, they uninamously agreed to have it constructed at the historical sacred Mbande Hill as it is where the first Paramount Chief Kyungu’s power of ruling Karonga and Chitipa districts emanated from.


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