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Gabadinho Mhango on tape bonking Patrick Mabedi’s daughter?; Mere Propaganda?

A screen shot of the scene

If it is authentic, then Malawi’s football star Gabadino Mhango has ended up like the foolish Galatians, starting with good things and ending badly  as a vedio clip is circulating where social media moguls allege is Mhango bonking Patric Mabedi’s daughter.

The one minute 26 seconds intimate session clip which has gone viral on the social media is allegedly seeing  a man strikingly resembling Mhango showcasing his shagging skills in a calm manner with two times showing the couple’s  faces with the woman undergoing visibly excruciating moans and groans of sexual pleasure.

If the clip is authentic,  then Malawians now understand why Patrick Mabedi refused that Mhango travels to Liberia where the flames are expected to play their first match in the World Cup qualifiers games. Mabedi cited indiscipline on the part of the player and although Malawians know their star boy to be short tempered, they did not know that he would allegedly go to the length of going public with such a private affair of sexual intercourse.  The shire times reiterate that if the clip is authentic as in its content and originality,  then it is gross indiscipline, vile and disrespectful to Patrick Mabedi, whose daughter Mhango is alleged to have been shagging.

The Shire Times will be chasing for Mhango’s comment and for fair reporting coverage, his reaction either confirming or dismissing the alleged video clip will be covered as well here. So keep refreshing this link for any new development on this issue.

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