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FLOMA Monica Chakwera Advocates Educational Equality for All in Malawi

Madam Chakwera

The First Lady of Malawi (FLOMA), has urged the private sector, both local and international, to support transformative initiatives that promote educational equality. Madam Chakwera said this message on Wednesday during the Shaping our Future Foundation (SOFF) 2023 Top Malawi School Certificate of Education Performers Award Ceremony held at Blantyre Secondary School.

The event aimed to recognize outstanding students who are recipients of SOFF scholarships in various schools across the country. Chakwera emphasized the necessity for collaborative efforts from all stakeholders to empower both girls and boys, creating an environment conducive to their academic success.

She underscored the importance of inclusivity, expressing a strong commitment to ensuring that education reaches girls with disabilities, those from disadvantaged backgrounds, and those residing in the remotest areas.

“As partners, we must create an enabling environment that equally encourages girls and boys to attend school, stay in school, and thrive academically. As First Lady of the Republic of Malawi, I pledge to lead and support efforts of advancing girls’ education while supporting vulnerable boys.

“Equal chances for boys and girls will yield equal performance, as witnessed today, with two students achieving high points regardless of gender,” she said.

In her remarks, Minister of Education Madalitso Kambauwa Wirima commended SOFF scholarships, praising its alignment with government efforts of supporting underprivileged students across the country.

“We have witnessed vulnerable girls and boys benefitting from SOFF scholarships. This signifies significant positive outcomes for our country.

“As Malawi, we allocate a budget to assist needy students. However, on our own, we cannot reach out to a broader spectrum of students. We earnestly seek additional partners to collaborate with us and alleviate the number of students in need,” she said.

Representing SOFF donors, Country Director for Plan International, Mwape Mulumbi, expressed her organisation’s unwavering commitment to support the youth through SOFF.

Mulumbi emphasised that mere monetary support is insufficient to truly motivate a child. Instead, she stressed the importance of incorporating inspiring role and innovative models to ignite the flame of motivation within each student.

“I am urging you to see education as a journey that extends beyond the confines of secondary schooling. Go and continue working hard in tertiary education, persevere in your academic pursuits and would like to remind you that your efforts today lay the foundation for a better tomorrow, ” she said.

Zainab Mustafa, speaking on behalf of the SOFF beneficiaries, expressed deep gratitude to the First Lady for the timely and impactful sponsorship that has significantly shaped their educational pursuits.

More than 20 students received laptops, school bags, and financial support as part of their awards.

Since its inception in August 2020, the foundation has awarded over 2,500 scholarships, and it is poised to extend scholarships to more than 1,000 students in the current year.

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