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Minister Chimwendo says government will support development conscious Chiefs

Chimwendo promoting Chief

Richard Chimwendo Banda, the Minister of Local Government, Unity, and Culture, has called upon traditional leaders in the nation to take the lead in government development projects within their regions, with the aim of improving the living conditions of their constituents.

Speaking at the elevation ceremony held at Malembo ground on Wednesday, where Sub-Traditional Authority Msinde was promoted to Traditional Authority (TA), Sub-Traditional Authority Chiwaula to Traditional Authority (TA) Chiwaula, and Group Village headman Malembo to Sub-Traditional Authority, Chimwendo Banda emphasized the government’s commitment to supporting traditional leaders who actively contribute to its developmental initiatives by providing necessary resources.

He highlighted President Chakwera’s recognition of the pivotal role traditional leaders play in advancing social and economic development in the country. Chimwendo Banda stressed the importance of traditional leaders offering the President the crucial support needed as the country undergoes development.

According to the minister, chiefs serve as custodians of development, social cohesion, and the preservation of cultural heritage. He expressed condemnation for certain traditional leaders engaging in corrupt practices that have the potential to undermine the much-needed development that their subjects require.

“President Chakwera acknowledges the critical role traditional leaders play in spearheading social and economic development in the country. It is therefore important for the traditional leaders to give the president the much needed support as he is developing this country.

Chiefs are the custodians of development, social cohesion and cultural heritage preservation,” he said.

He then condemned some traditional leaders who engage themselves in corruption that have potential to destroy the much needed development their subjects are in need of.

“Government will not tolerate leaders who engage themselves in corruption by denying their subjects development projects that may help them to be uplifted from poverty,” he said.

Speaking on behalf of other traditional leaders, Senior Chief Khongoni thanked government for elevating traditional leaders across the country regardless of the region or tribe they are coming from.

Khongoni further thanked the government for various development projects that are taking place in the district and promised to take a leading role in supporting government development agenda.

He then urged the newly elevated chiefs to be exemplary to their subjects in preserving Chewa cultural values.


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