Monday, April 22, 2024

Eye opener as Zambian Doctor Mujajati lectures women on ‘winter penis’


A Zambian Doctor Aaron Mujajati has taken social media by storm after he gave a sensational lecture to all women to hold their fire if they notice that their partners are not partaking in their conjugal rights satisfactorily in this chilly season. He unpacked the concept of ‘winter penis’ which he told women that it is real.

The Doctor said:

“Actually, during the cold season as a survival adaptation, the human body reduces blood circulation to the extremities like legs, hands, fingers to preserve heat. The theory is that in men blood flow to the penis and testicles is also reduced as a result the penis reduces in size in both length and girth, getting an erection becomes a struggle, the penis becomes so desensitised that it becomes difficult to arouse even by touching it. This is what is referred to as “winter penis”.”

Nevertheless, Doctor Mujajati assured all men to relax as their ‘rod will get back to its usual splendour’ this summer.

“If you have observed or experienced winter penis, worry not summer is coming and your rod will get back to its usual splendour.”

The sensational lecture by the Doctor has calmed nerves as comments poured in on how women were getting worried about the sluggish performance and some men were even thinking that their uninspiring performance was due to their people casting spell on them.

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