Thursday, July 18, 2024

Ex-Bodyguard Norman Chisale Threatens State Machinery, Swears Vengeance Against Ex-DPP Steven Kayuni


In an exclusive interview broadcasted on Zodiak Television Monday evening, watched by over 10 thousand Malawians on its Facebook page, Norman Paulos Chisale, formerly Peter Mutharika’s Presidential bodyguard, held a Bible while issuing severe threats to the Police, Minister of Justice, and Former Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Steven Kayuni.

Chisale’s deep resentment towards the state and its officials arises from numerous arrests he claims he endured for alleged misdeeds during the time his boss Peter Mutharika was drunk with power, as well as the freezing of his bank account for the same alleged offenses.

He straightforwardly stated that he seeks retribution, specifically targeting former DPP Steven Kayuni, whom he vowed never to forgive for implicating his family. Chisale is suspected of being involved in the murder of former ACB senior official Njaunji, and should anything happen to Steven Kayuni, Chisale may be the prime suspect given his explicit threat.

While clutching his Bible, Chisale also used obscene language, displaying behavior indicative of a lunatic. He desires his former boss Peter Mutharika to run in 2025, possibly to exact vengeance if his demeanor and threats are any indication.

One may question why Zodiak TV failed to censor the offensive language, allowing the interview to be broadcasted nationwide without edits, particularly considering it was a pre-recorded program.

In every sense, this interview has compromised state security, especially for the men and women in the police service as well as government figures such as Minister of Justice Titus Mvalo and former DPP Steven Kayuni. It will be interesting how the state will react following this militant interview Chisale granted to Zodiak TV.

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