Wednesday, July 17, 2024

DPP’s Parliamentary Presence Crumbles: 33 Allegedly Defect to Independent Benches


Recent reports suggest a potential mass departure of members of Parliament from the main opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), which currently holds 55 seats in Parliament. Allegedly, 33 members of Parliament have formally requested seating arrangements on the independent benches in Parliament, indicating a decisive break from the DPP.

The Speaker of Parliament is expected to confirm this development during the afternoon session as the national assembly reconvenes. Political analyst Joseph Masina believes this anticipated exodus is unsurprising, attributing it to internal disunity within the DPP leadership.

Masina explains, “Polarization within the DPP has intensified due to ineffective leadership at the helm. Many MPs feel disconnected from the party and are pursuing alternative paths they deem beneficial for their political survival.”

He notes the strategic implications, stating, “However, such fragmentation does not align with the aspirations of a party aiming to reclaim power. The ruling MCP, on the other hand, views this development favorably, recognizing the potential for political advantage in the upcoming 2025 elections.”


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