Tuesday, May 21, 2024

DPP councilors endorse Abida Sidik Mia for MP in 2025 elections

Abida Mia endorsed tp continue as MP in 2025

With about two and half years to go before Malawi goes to the next general elections, the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) councilors in Chikwawa Nkombedzi Constituency Kholofati Malunga and Aubrey Masanza have jointly announced that they have endorsed the incumbent legislature of the constituency Abida Mia to continue her job as a member of parliament in 2025.

The duo made the announcement at Goma primary school in Chikwawa on Sunday when Abida Mia launched a 79.6-million-kwacha clinic construction project at Miseu Folo.

Speaking to the people who gathered at the institution, both Malunga and Masanza said they have endorsed the woman legislature claiming she is development conscious and that she is efficiently utilizing the Constituency Development funds in the area.

The duo declared:

“We are DPP members, but today, we have endorsed Honorable Abida Mia so that she rules this constituency up to 2030 or so. The woman is performing very well if we come to the development of this constituency. She is utilizing the CDF in a proper manner. We need her performance.”

Taking her turn, Mia welcomed the endorsement and promised to push further and better as far as the development of the constituency is concerned. Mia is also the Minister of Water and Sanitation in the Chakwera-led administration.


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