Monday, July 15, 2024

MBC hails Maranatha’s patriotism as it honours pledge to entertainers of the year awardees

Kawonga to MBC

When it comes to social corporate responsibility, Maranatha Private Academy stands as a paragon of excellence. The most recent testament to this distinction is the fulfillment of its commitment by disbursing a sum of K2.5 million to two recipients of the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) Entertainers of the Year Awards.

Among these beneficiaries, Clyton Thomas, known as Akila, has been granted K2 million, while Deus Sandram has received K500,000. Sandram, is the brains behind Bwande Programme on MIJ FM Radio, was one of the recipients.

Ernest Kaonga, the Director of Maranatha Private Academy, conveyed this gesture during the presentation of the cheque to Zilani Khonje Phiri, the Chairperson of the Awards Ceremony.

“We are committed to fostering quality content creation in the entertainment industry and that’s why we are partnering with MBC, a leading media house,” stated Kaonga, expressing the academy’s dedication to supporting the sector.

In her remarks, Phiri who served as the Chairperson of the Awards Ceremony and is the Director of News and Programmes at MBC, expressed satisfaction with the contribution from Maranatha Academy.


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