Friday, July 19, 2024

Deputy Minister of Health Hails Peace Corps’ Impact in Malawi

Daudi with Ambassador David Young

Deputy Minister of Health Halima Daud stated that Malawi greatly appreciates the contributions of Peace Corps Volunteers to the country, which are reinforcing the government’s development endeavors. Daud made these remarks on Wednesday at Mkanda Parish Ground in Mchinji during the swearing-in ceremony for eight Peace Corps Volunteers who successfully completed an 11-week orientation program in the country.

These eight American volunteers will now be deployed to different communities across the country to undertake assignments related to health, education, and the environment.

“Wherever these people are going, people in that community are going to benefit a lot. So if people in that community are going to benefit, government is also going to benefit.

“Others are going to be teachers; we don’t have enough teachers,” Daud said about the volunteers who are expected to serve in the communities for at least two years.

United States Ambassador to Malawi, David Young said the volunteers will be in the communities to make a difference, adding that aside from working in their expert fields, they will also be there to make friendships.

“This kind of partnership is some of the best of the friendship between the United States of America and Malawi. It’s a sign of the partnership between the peoples of our two countries,” he said.

Young added that the Peace Corps is about people connecting with people, saying the connections facilitate community development projects and deepen the bonds of global community.


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