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Deans market UNIMA at Kamuzu Academy University Career Day

Kamuzu Academy

As far as universities in the country go, the University of Malawi remains the desired destination for an overwhelming number of young people in the country and beyond. It is no surprise, therefore, that UNIMA recently participated in the 3rd annual Kamuzu Academy University Career Day, having been invited by the school’s Deputy Headmaster, Mr. Andrew Hubbard. This event, which took place recently, aimed at providing Kamuzu Academy students, from Form 3 to 6, with information about various higher education institutions. The event helped Kamuzu Academy students to explore different career paths that would be open to them completing their studies. The opportunity was also extended to three other nearby secondary schools—Loyola Jesuit Secondary School, Mtunthama Secondary School, and All Saints Private School.

The event, which was held in the school’s auditorium, was attended by other representatives from public and private universities, as well as education consultancies.

The University of Malawi was well-represented by a team of Executive Deans from all five schools within the university, as well as the Head of Research, Dr. Maurice Monjerezi, and the Head of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Dr. Timothy Biswick, both of whom are alumni of Kamuzu Academy. The Executive Deans engaged with students throughout the event, answering questions, providing guidance, and explaining the programs offered at their respective schools.

Speaking during the event, Professor Cosmo Ngongondo, the Executive Dean of the School of Natural and Applied Sciences, emphasized the importance of the gathering, noting that many students lack critical information about offerings at public universities. He further emphasized the importance of UNIMA having a strong presence at the career day.

“As a leading public university, UNIMA strives to offer the best programs that should be the first choice for all top students aspiring for university level education,” he said. “Each student here has received materials that contain information on all the current undergraduate programs offered at UNIMA. With this knowledge being handy, we expect an increase in the number of applicants into UNIMA courses.”

The event was a success and gave both the participating universities and the students the opportunity to interact. In the end, the students left the auditorium inspired and motivated.


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