Saturday, December 9, 2023

Citizens For Impunity? Mbele warns ACB against pursuing criminal case involving Chilima

Citizens Against Impunity and Corruption (CAIC), a quasi-political outfit launched by outspoken UTM member Joshua Chisa Mbele and yet another outspoken MCP-affiliated lawyer, Silvester Ayuba James, has made a surprise U-turn against its founding agenda and adopt a mission of safeguarding impunity around the State Vice President, Saulosi Chilima.

Chilima, who is a UTM founding president and ongoing leader appears to occupy a sacred position in Mbele’s heart who, in all circumstances, stand to defend, protect and promote political and personal interests of Chilima.

Writing on his Facebook wall, Mbele has grabbed CAIC into his armpits while remarking that “Citizens Against Impunity and Corruption will not allow ACB (the Anti-Corruption Bureau) to bring charges to the Vice President after November this year”, saying 2023 will be an active campaign period.

Without the ACB producing any statement of having brought criminal charges against the Vice President, Mbele accused ACB of being used as a tool for political persecution.

Commenting on the development, a legal and political commentator, Andrew Chitera, has accused Mbele of being ignorant of the concept of political persecution.

“It appears that in his understanding, when a suspect is a politician and is to be prosecuted during an active political period, whatever that means, then it is political persecution. That is the best misunderstanding of the concept of political persecution ever,” said Chitera speaking exclusive to Shire Times, adding that;

“To begin with, all citizens are equal before the law and there are no time demarcations as to when a certain category of people can be criminally charged and/or prosecuted and when they cannot. Using any proper understanding, criminal prosecution of any citizen, be it a politician or any other classification, is independent of any political climate if the justice system is left as independent as it should be”.

CIAC co-founder, Sylvester Ayuba James, who is a lawyer by profession has conveniently distanced himself from any input on the announcement by Mbele.

Chilima stands accused of corruption and fraud deals with the embattled Zuneth Sattar who was arrested and is answering charges of money laundering and other financial –related crimes in Britain. The ACB is on record to have been pursuing investigations relating to criminal accusations against the Vice President.

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