Saturday, April 13, 2024

Blantyre MP Mpinganjira Under Scrutiny: Accused Architect of President Chakwera’s Convoy Obstruction

Chipiliro Mpinganjira, MP.

In the aftermath of the arrests of individuals implicated in the audacious act of obstructing President Lazarus Chakwera, emerging intelligence, which the security apparatus is said to be pursuing, suggests the potential involvement of Chipiliro Mpinganjira, Member of Parliament for Blantyre Central from the main opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), as either the mastermind or an accomplice in the orchestration to obstruct President Chakwera’s motorcade. The Shire Times has gathered insights indicating that the motive behind this disruptive maneuver was to diminish the resounding reception accorded to President Chakwera during his entry into Blantyre on his southern region tour of duty.

A well-placed source, knowledgeable about the covert machinations of the DPP, elucidated, “The triumphant entrance of President Chakwera into Blantyre unsettled their [DPP] tranquility, prompting them to execute a tactical disruption, as witnessed at the HHI Roundabout.”

The source continued, emphasizing, “President Chakwera’s composed response averted potential political fallout, preventing the security forces from resorting to force against the provocative mourners.”

The opposition DPP finds itself mired in disarray, clinging to antiquated and draconian tactics. It is evident that, in its present configuration, with Peter Mutharika as its standard-bearer, prophesies by figures such as Prophet Austin Liabunya may ring true: the party appears destined to remain in opposition after 2025 elections—far from the corridors of power.


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