Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Why Peter Mutharika will again suffer this Nyamilandu embarrassment: Fruits of Arrogance  


Dear Editor,

The writing was on the wall that Walter Nyamilandu Manda’s time as Football Association of Malawi’s President was up yet he could not listen to the voice of reason to pave way for others. The embarrassing defeat in the hands of the inexperienced Fleetwood Haiya by 23 votes to 13 was just to confirm that it is important to listen to the voice of reason. It is also important to understand that there is nothing that lasts forever.

Now the lesson from all this embarrassment goes to Peter Mutharika’s Democratic Progressive Party. Listen to the voice of reason. If you want the party to take over power in 2025, then the candidate cant be Peter Mutharika. Peter Mutharika is the definition of mediocrity. Peter Mutharika is the definition of arrogance. Peter Mutharika thinks he is but the only person entitled to the Presidency of this country, let alone the Presidency of the DPP. This is why he doesn’t want any person  to take over the reins of power as DPP President let alone to contest the Malawi Presidency on DPP ticket. If it is not him, then no one else.

This is why with Peter Mutharika as Presidential candidate in 2025, DPP is most likely to lose and Lazarus Chakwera of MCP to win. Her is the quick math: The way Malawians vote in this country has always based on regions. Regionalism. Granted that Peter Mutharika can get votes in the southern region based on the regionalism card but those votes wont be enough for him to get the 50% plus one. With candidate Lazarus Chakwera, he is most likely to sweep votes from his central region. This must be simple for everyone to understand. Nevertheless, the votes wont also be enough for him to get 50%  plus one. Everyone now will turn to Northen region. The only region with enlightened voters in the country. In as far as I know the voting pattern in the Northen region; I cannot say they love MCP and neither can I say they love DPP. However, they will have no choice but to go for the better devil and between MCP’s Lazarus Chakwera and DPP’s Peter Mutharika, the northerners would feel comfortable voting for MCP Lazarus Chakwera.

The north have not yet forgiven the DPP bad past of quota system, arrogance which undermined the region as useless that they can win elections without them and the 20th July 2011 massacre presided over by the DPP is still fresh in their minds. Perhaps a new DPP candidate but not APM but because like Walter Nyamilandu, he will wake up to realise that the north, a downfall place of his nearer 20 year kingdom as FAM President will also be the place where Mutharika will be denied the Presidency of this country, for good.

Never say you were never warned.

Yours Truly,

Johannes Nkumba,


Editor In-Chief
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