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Don’t trust DPP whose cadets have not repented carrying guns, pangas; Case of Chimbanga

DPP panga wielding Cadets

Dear Editor,

As reported in local media, last Thursday, Police in Chileka apprehended Leonard Chimbanga, a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Councillor for Soche Ward in Blantyre, on charges of allegedly possessing an illegal firearm and two live ammunition rounds. This incident marks another occasion where the DPP has been linked to the possession of weapons, including guns.

A previous incident involved Ben Phiri, former personal assistant to Peter Mutharika, addressing a rally. During this event, DPP cadets provided him with personal security, brandishing panga knives and guns. When questioned about this behavior, Phiri claimed ignorance, stating that the individuals attended the rally in their personal capacity and not as invited guests.

It has become a norm for DPP cadets to wield guns, pangas, and machetes during significant party functions, often intimidating people. Notably, these are the same individuals implicated in the assault on Billy Mayaya during Civil Society organization demonstrations in Blantyre.

The current scenario underscores the longstanding truth that the DPP is a party associated with violence and a disregard for the rule of law. Furthermore, reports suggest that DPP cadets used to purchase cars without paying duty to the government, referring to the duty as ‘Ana Adadi.’

In light of these actions, Malawians should exercise caution and reconsider placing their trust in the DPP. The party has demonstrated a propensity for violence and lawlessness, and its place should be confined to the opposition.

Yours Truly, Johannes Nkumba

Editor In-Chief
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