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What? Police arrest brother for murder of Sister late Agness Katengeza

Later Agness Katengeza

In an astonishing turn of events, the Malawi police’s investigation has led to the arrest of Amos Katengeza, the brother of the late Agness Katengeza, on charges of murdering his own sister. According to the police report, the distressing incident occurred behind Gateway Mall in Lilongwe on September 24, 2023. Miss Egnat Katengeza reported her sister’s murder, stating that Agnes Katengeza, who served as a Network Administrator at the Reserve Bank of Malawi in Lilongwe, was killed by unknown individuals. The perpetrators then placed her body in the trunk of her official Reserve Bank vehicle, a grey Sportage BY 4159, and absconded with her possessions, including an ENVY HP laptop, an iPhone 13 mini, an iPad, a power bank, and a collection of cosmetics.

The investigation, led by Superintendent George Oscar Mizere, the Station Criminal Investigations Officer (SCIO) of Lilongwe police station, resulted in the arrest of Amos Katengeza, who is directly linked to the case. Law enforcement has successfully recovered all the stolen items related to the tragic murder incident. The report detailed the extensive efforts undertaken by the police, including intelligence gathering and tracing the whereabouts of the stolen items.

“On 07/12/23, the team traced an iPhone 6, previously stolen from the deceased’s house almost four months prior to the incident, to Blantyre. During this operation, a phone technician confessed to receiving the iPhone 6 and wiping its iCloud account linked to the deceased. Further investigations revealed that the suspect was accountable for receiving the iPhone 13, iPad, and laptop, all of which were associated with the deceased’s iCloud accounts,” the report stated.

Continuing with the report, the investigative team pursued the suspect, arresting him at Blantyre market and recovering the iPad and power bank belonging to the deceased. The suspect was less forthcoming about the whereabouts of the stolen laptop but eventually led the authorities to recover the ENVY HP laptop from a businessperson in Blantyre. However, the recovery of the iPhone 13 mini presented challenges as it had been sold in Maputo, Mozambique, through a network traced back to the suspect. Nonetheless, the phone has been retrieved and is now in the hands of investigators. The suspect, through voluntary admission, confessed to his active involvement in the brutal murder. Call records from his phone indicated his presence at the location where the deceased’s vehicle was discovered, as corroborated by CCTV footage capturing the dumping of the deceased’s car.

Authorities have revealed that their investigation is in an advanced stage to apprehend the suspect’s accomplices.

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