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Unrepentant DPP impunity meets court’s injunction wrath stopping NGC meeting


People have said times without number that unless the current crop of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) leaders go into extinction, the DPP should not be given a chance to govern for it is not ready to. Like the MCP which took closer to 25 years in opposition in the process undergoing cleansing, the DPP also needs cleansing for in its current configuration, it is a party full of impunity or rather lawlessness.

Those of you in the know, the party was supposed to conduct its national governing council (NGC) meeting today the 24th June, 2023. This is a meeting whose outcome would lead to the national elective convention of the party. Guess what the party did, they started inviting people to the meeting who are not members of the NGC, contrary to their own party constitution.

However, this was not a strange phenomenon, remember when they were in power, they appointed MEC commissioners against the dictates of the constitution. Lawlessness and impunity is in their DNA. This was a plan to rig the convention coming ahead in favour of their preferred candidate.

Following this development, one Billy Malata, the party’s deputy director of political affairs obtained an injunction to stop the nonsense.

“This is an important constitutional matter within the DPP party politburo because it will in the end determine when and who is supposed to attend and vote at the DPP convention.” Said Malata’s Lawyer, Wapona Kita in an interview.

Saving face, the party’s secretary general who led a demonstration whose aim was to assault the independence of the judiciary at the height of the party’s lawlessness in 2020, said her party is a law abiding party.

“The DPP being a law-abiding party, has complied with the order of injunction and has, therefore, postponed the NGC meeting to another date to be communicated once all processes to vacate the injunction are concluded,” reads the statement signed by the party’s secretary general Grelzeder Jeffrey.

Now judge for yourself, is the DPP an alternative government in the face of this disorientation and lawlessness? This is exactly why some think Chakwera notwithstanding his debatable performance in power so far stands a realistic chance  of renewing his mandate in 2025.


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