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Timothy Mtambo’s moving tribute to fallen JZU Tembo

Timothy Mtambo and Tembo



“Welcome son of Chitipa, I have strong and constant affection and dedication for you, Timothy. I give you immeasurable support because I am confident and hopeful in you. Timothy, your greatest assert is your unwavering mindset. You have a strong and controllable emotion for a better Malawi. I had a desire to meet you before you came, Timothy. My humble request is that you persist in your meaningful fight for a better nation. Only the Almighty Father favours and protects you!”, JZU Tembo flowed.

John Zenasi Ungapake Tembo was a well versed political lieutenant. He possessed meaningful control and influence over Socio-economic and Political fabrics of Malawi. He remained iconic in all significant national events. He was a resilient political figure, sustaining MCP political grid against all olds of extinction with the dawn of Multi-party Democracy. For example, in parliament when he was a leader of opposition, most people may only recall his echoes of “Section 65 number 1, budget number 2”. For me, I see political philosophy at play.

Tembo never tired of telling me that I was born to protect and care for Malawi. True to himself, he was a great prophet.

When I went to see and spend time with him, he sacrificed almost one-sixth of the day – 4 hours – yes just for my presence.

We expressed ideas and feelings on politics, economics, nationalism and development.

When I wanted to obtain information on national values and Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda’s four cornerstones – Discipline, Unity, Obedience and Loyalty – the fallen hero became more comprehensible that loyalty stands major.

Tembo clarified that devotion and sentiment of national attachment, mostly stands epical.

After a long chat John Tembo Junior, escorted me. With total vividity, I remember what Junior said, “Timothy, I know my father very well. It is rarely for him to spend such a length of time. He is always busy and at his age, he always feel tired easily. Above all, he is in a not in good health state. As his son, I counted his face. He was really excited to meet you”.

He will remain a symbol of persistence and consistence of our generation. While we have seen many politicians recycling themselves, JZU never did. He remained strong with his MCP no matter how tough it was.

Sleep well and Rest in Power!

Yours humbly,
Son, Timothy!

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