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Time’s Up: The Writing on the Wall for Walter Nyamilandu as Haiya warms up for FAM Presidency

Yesterday, when Fleetwood Haiya unveiled his Manifesto, challenging Walter Nyamilandu for the presidency of the Football Association of Malawi (FAM), it was evident he anticipates being declared the winner of the upcoming FAM elections on December 16, 2023, in Mzuzu. Haiya’s assembly at BICC in Lilongwe, comprising key stakeholders, strongly hinted at his confidence in an imminent victory. Notable figures such as Paramount Chiefs Kyungu, Mbelwa, Kainga, Army Commander Valentino Phiri, businesspersons, Ministers Kunkuyu, Chimwendo, Members of Parliament, and football icons like Kinnah Phiri and Peterkens Kaira were present at his manifesto launch.

The presence and support of these influential individuals signify a significant challenge for Nyamilandu. It appears highly improbable for him to secure a win. If he does emerge victorious, it may be attributed to divine intervention, as the collective influence of these stakeholders could sway the 36 eligible voters. Unless Walter performs exceptionally well, the odds seem stacked against him, as noted by a senior sports analyst from Shire Times.

During Haiya’s launch, Moses Kunkuyu, the guest of honor, cautioned the potential incoming President against creating divisions, emphasizing that people would struggle to trust him to bridge these gaps independently. Kunkuyu’s remarks directly referenced Walter Nyamilandu’s ‘Bridging the gap’ manifesto.

Below is Fleetwood Haiya’s abridged version of the Manifesto.





-Technical development and capacity building goal number one.

-We should restart our football from primary school.

-We will work district sports officers. We will also work hand in hand with our legends.



-Rejuvenate youth programs.

-Coordinate establishment of our academies.

-Proper transition of our youth.

-We will increase funding for national youth.



-Enhance resource mobilization with private sector.

-Every money from our sponsor, Fifa, CAF is publicly declared. Time of secrecy is gone.

-I will be accountable to the public.

-Even now, we don’t know how much is coming from Fifa. Even if I ask Women’s President who is here on how much we receive from Fifa but she can’t tell us. When I asked FAM, they said “Tangolandirani.”



-We will promote good governance.



-Improve the standards of referees.

-We will increase nnual subversion for referees.



-Supports national coaches.

-Funding will be increased.

-We need to start believing our own coaches. They need training and capacity building and I will do that.



-Uplifting women’s football.

-They have given us a trophy, minus them, bwezi tikuti the past 19 years tilibe kanthu.

-It is sad that they have not received their bonuses.

-We need to invest more in women’s with capacity building.

-I will find sponsors for women’s football league.

-Your annual subversion will be increased.




-Promote beach soccer by linking it with tourism ministry.

-We will maintain the quality of our players.

-We will introduce National Beach Soccer league. Ku Brazil Kuja mupita akunamizani mokwana. Subversion ikwera.



-We will introduce Regional leagues in all regions to make it very competitive.

-We will introduce a National division league.

-We will ensure each region to have vehicles.




-To Sulom, 60 % from gate revenue should go to clubs.

-Restructure TV rights deals.

-Subversion to teams a minimum of K20 million.

GOAL 11: Infrastructure

-Luwinga technical center not completed yet, 12 years down the line.


We will introduce e-ticketing in Super League games. This will help them use E-ticketing to avoid embezzling funds.

GOAL 13:

Player export strategy

-We will design a player export strategy for Malawi.

-Export strategy will rely on government support.

Goal 14

-Taking a good care of main actors who are players and administrators.

-Players warfare is improved.

-Players covered at a medical scheme.

-We will make sure that our legends are honored. We will look after them. I contribute to their Life assurance and funeral cover.





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