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Suspended Uladi Musa says ‘these people do not like competition;’ mum on next move

Uladi Mussa

Seasoned politician Uladi Mussa has accused the Peter Mutharika led Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) that it has a group of people who do not like intra-party competition.

In an interview, Mussa said the party’s decision to suspend him for nine months and expel the other officials showed intolerance for dissenting views and was aimed at preventing any democratic challenge to Mutharika’s bid to win the party presidency at the yet-to-be scheduled party convention.

Veteran statesman Uladi Mussa has levied accusations against the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) under the stewardship of Peter Mutharika, asserting that it is a group of leaders who are always afraid of real intra-party competition.

In an interview, Mussa contended that the party’s actions, involving his nine-month suspension and the expulsion of other officials, manifest a lack of tolerance for divergent views. This, he argued, serves the purpose of quashing any democratic opposition to Mutharika’s aspiration for the party presidency, a contention slated for validation or rejection at the forthcoming, yet-to-be-scheduled party convention.

Musa said was “feeling sorry” for the party over the timing of the move, saying “this was supposed to be the time for the party to come together”.

“The nine months that we have been given fall within the same period that they will be conducting a convention. These people do not like competition,” he said.

Meanwhile, the other expelled senior officials from the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) are maintaining a veil of secrecy regarding their future plans. Some of them are outright avoiding questions, while others are requesting sufficient time to scrutinize the party’s decision.

The party, on Saturday, terminated several officials affiliated with its former vice president for the Southern Region and Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Kondwani Nankhumwa, who has consistently expressed aspirations to vie for the party’s leadership position in an upcoming convention. Among those expelled from the party are the former Secretary General and Central Region Vice President Grezelder Jeffrey, former Publicity Secretary Nicholas Dausi, former Political Director Mark Botoman, and former Presidential Adviser Cecilia Chazama.

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