Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Silence from Gender activists as mother & daughter gang up to kill husband over extra-marital affair allegation in Zomba

As they say, the wages of sin is death and we add the wages of breaking the law is being arrested by the state for criminal conduct. This is the case of Nansonvile Family in Zomba wherein the mother with support from her daughter descended on her husband Felix Nansonvile with fists that led to his demise.

The two suspects have been identified as Dorothy Luciano, 35, and Aida Justen 19, who hails from Lipole village, Traditional Authority Mlumbe in Zomba.

According to Zomba Police report on the incident, Nansonvile was a well-known imbiber who was staying at his wife’s domicile in Nasiyaya village. He was suspected to be in an extramarital affair with another woman and this angered the wife.

Yesterday Sunday, Nansonvile left home as usual for his escapades, and little did he know that his wife and daughter were tracking him at the house who was believed to be his concubine. The two women’s operation then commenced, beating the husband mercilessly.

This prompted the victim to be rushed to the hospital and was pronounced dead upon arrival. A postmortem examination conducted at the said hospital revealed that death was due to internal injuries.

The two suspects are in police custody waiting to appear before court to answer the charge of murder. Meanwhile, there is no comment whatsoever from gender-oriented organizations condemning the brutality of women to men but when it is vice versa, these hypocritical organizations come guns blazing denouncing errant men engaging in a quarter of what these two women have done.







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