Friday, July 19, 2024

Parents force misguided citizens to call off demonstrations: Don’t disturb our sons & daughters MSCE exams

In a display of parental resolve, Malawian parents have successfully halted the planned national demonstrations, which were seen by many as a threat to the ongoing Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) examinations.

The demonstrations, allegedly orchestrated by some “misguided individuals,” were met with a stern warning from concerned parents, who vowed to confront the organizers on the streets and quash the “foolish protests.”

The parents argued that the demonstrations could disrupt the exams, jeopardizing the hard work and preparation of their children.

“These irresponsible hooligans will see our other side. They organize these demonstrations just to loot, destroy, and disturb public peace. Our sons and daughters have been preparing for these exams for a long time, and we will not let such irresponsible citizens ruin the hard work of our children.”

Faced with this parental backlash, the organizers of the demonstrations, including Edward Kambanje and Oliver Nakoma, both of whom are reported to be operatives of the opposition Democratic Progressive Party, were forced to back down.

After being forced to eat a humble pie, Kambanje made a humbled announcement stating that the demonstrations have been called off “in the spirit of unity,” following engagements with the Civil Society Education Coalition (CSEC), ISAMA, parents, and other stakeholders.

“In the spirit of unity, the Civil Society Education Coalition (CSEC), ISAMA, parents, and numerous stakeholders nationwide have engaged with us to request the postponement of our planned demonstrations during this critical period of MSCE examinations,” Kambanje stated.

Oliver Nakoma and his friend Edward Kambanje are opposition Democratic Progressive Party operatives.

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