Sunday, May 26, 2024

Nangaunozge Construction’s Company blacklisted for shoddy work at Machinga Secondary School

Substandard work contractor has his contract terminated

The Ministry of Education, has terminated the colossal K2 billion contract inked with Nangaunozge Construction Company, citing egregious failure to adhere to contractual obligations and the delivery of egregiously subpar work. Nangaunozge Construction Company was commissioned to erect Machinga Secondary School.

This development stems from a recent outcry penned by the self-styled Friends of Machinga Trust (FOM), demanding the ministry sever ties with the contractor due to its abysmal track record of noncompliance with the contract’s terms.

Chikondano Mussa, the Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Education, confirmed the decision, affirming that the ministry is actively seeking a replacement contractor to rectify the project’s trajectory.

Mussa elucidated that the contractor was entrusted with the construction of eight dormitories for male and female students and a culinary facility back in 2018, with an anticipated completion by 2019. However, the contractor has flagrantly missed the deadline while pocketing the full remuneration. The scant progress made thus far has been marred by substandard craftsmanship, reminiscent of the practices synonymous with the previous Democratic Progressive Party regime.

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