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MBC Pays Tribute to Visionary: Pearson Chunga, Architect of MBC Entertainers Awards

Kasakula giving ticket to Chunga

The Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) has recognized Pearson Chunga, a former staff member for launching the Entertainer of the Year Awards initiative.  Chunga  who is now aged 76, organized the inaugural Entertainers of The Year Programme in 1975 when he was only 28 years old. MBC Director General, George Kasakula, has not only extended a complimentary ticket to Chunga but has also ensured his prominent presence at the upcoming 2023 Entertainers of the Year Award Ceremony in Lilongwe on December 30th.

“Many people know Pearson Chunga as a versatile football commentator, but the nation should know that the Entertainers of the Year Awards Programme is his brainchild. It is necessary for the country to honour creative people like Mr. Chunga while they are still alive.

The complimentary ticket will go to Mrs Chunga because Mr. Chunga has been invited to the event already, ” said Kasakula at MBC Kwacha Studios where he presented the ticket.

In his remarks, Chunga said the importance of the Entertainers of the Year Awards Programme cannot be overemphasized as far as inspiring talent in Malawi is concerned.

“When I began this programme, I never knew it would reach this far. I feel honoured,” he said.

The Entertainers of the Year Awards Programme has bounced back this year after years of silence.


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