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Malawi Pres. Lazarus Chakwera Denounces Politics of Castigation

Lazarus Chakwera

President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera has issued a poignant appeal to politicians within the nation, urging an immediate cessation of the politics of derogation and vilification, deeming such practices inherently counterproductive.

This call was pronounced on Wednesday at Chinsapo Ground in Lilongwe, within the backdrop of a developmental rally convened subsequent to the President’s inspection of the ongoing construction of Lilongwe Bridge and 99 residences designated for immigration officers.

Despite acknowledging the reluctance of certain individuals to acknowledge the diverse array of projects undertaken by his government across the nation, Chakwera resolutely affirmed his commitment to these initiatives. Undeterred by dissent, he expressed a steadfast dedication to fulfilling the desires of the Malawian populace.

“I know there some people who want me to be fighting with different people including my Vice President and some cabinet ministers, but that is not my system of politics.

“The politics I know is to initiate development projects in all parts of the country, regardless of tribe and region. And I am ready to work with everyone who is committed to assist me develop this country, even with those who criticised me in the past,” he said.

Chakwera, therefore, called upon all politicians who want to join the party Malawi Congress Party (MCP) to do so, saying the party’s door is open and everyone will be accommodated.

“This country has been facing a number of challenges ranging from cyclones, cholera, Covid-19, dry-spells and many more. These occurrences have brought a lot of pain on people’s lives such as lack of food and money. So with these challenges, should we continue castigating each other?” wondered Chakwera.

MCP Deputy Secretary General, Catherine Gotani Hara, said the party is receiving new members on daily basis in different parts of the country because of its sound and visionary leadership.

During the event, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) District Governor for Malingunde Political District, Enerst Phambala, with several others defected to the ruling to MCP.



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