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Malawi Leader Honors Lucius Banda: Lasting Intersection Legacy of Banda’s Arts and Politics

'Soldier', Lucius Banda


The passing of Malawian music icon Lucius Chicho Banda has left an indelible mark on the nation, not just because of his unparalleled contributions to the arts, cultural and political landscapes, but also due to the profound respect and recognition bestowed upon him by President Lazarus Chakwera.

In a country where the powerful often marginalize or even persecute those who dare to challenge the status quo, Chakwera’s administration has truly set a new standard in honoring those who have fought tirelessly for the rights and betterment of the common people.

Lucius Banda, affectionately known as “Soldier,” was one such champion of the downtrodden. Through his music, he gave voice to the social, economic, and cultural constraints faced by everyday Malawians, soothing the heartbroken and admonishing the oppressors with equal fervor.

Yet, despite his immense impact, Banda’s efforts were often met with a backlash from those in power, culminating in his arrest and imprisonment during the Bingu wa Mutharika era – a shameful act that betrayed the very principles Banda had fought to uphold.

It was not until the ascension of President Chakwera that Banda’s contributions were truly recognized and honored. Chakwera, himself a proponent of democratic ideals, understood the immense value of Banda’s artistic and political activism in shaping the nation’s history.

In August 2020, President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera appointed Banda as Presidential Advisor on Youth and Arts. In his remarks following the appointment, Lucius Banda said it was an honour to serve Malawians as Presidential Advisor on Youth and Arts as he promised to serve all Malawians as a soldier for the poor.

“Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera has entrusted me with this position. Mr President, it is truly my honor to not only serve you but serve my fellow Malawians and more especially the youth of Malawi. I look forward to working with you Mr. President to serving the youth and Malawians at large who enjoy the arts as I do,” said Banda in a Facebook post that succeeded his appointment.

The president’s decision to appoint Banda as his aide on Youth and Arts was a powerful statement of respect and admiration – a tangible acknowledgment of the musician’s role as a “champion of the oppressed and a beacon of hope” for the Malawian people.

Banda’s death has undoubtedly left a void in the hearts of all who revered him, but President Chakwera’s poignant tribute and the state’s decision to lead the funeral proceedings serve as a testament to the lasting impact of the musician’s life and work.

In a world where the powerful often seek to silence or disregard the voices of the marginalized, Chakwera’s actions stand as a shining example of the transformative power of true leadership. By honoring Lucius Banda, both in life and in death, the president has not only cemented the musician’s legacy but has also set a precedent for how the nation should celebrate and uplift its most courageous and visionary individuals.

As Malawians gather to bid farewell to their beloved “Soldier,” they can take solace in the knowledge that his memory will be cherished and his contributions to the nation’s cultural and political fabric will continue to inspire generations to come. And in this, the true legacy of President Chakwera’s leadership will be found – a legacy of dignity, respect, and unwavering commitment to the ideals of justice and equality.



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