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Malawi Government Retrieves Money from ‘Butchery’ Dubious Fertilizer Deal – AG Impresses Chakwera


During the final week of November in 2022, President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, appeared before the nation in a televised national address during which he expressed disappointment with the way some sloppy Malawian government officials foolishly paid for fertilizer to a purported dealer whom basic inquiry revealed that he was butcher shop domiciled in some street in the United Kingdom.

Unleashing his hand of disappointment-prompted punishment, President Chakwera proceeded to fire the then Agriculture Minister, Robin Lowe, and proceeded to vow that his government would recover the money swindled through the foolish deal.

Meanwhile, the Malawi’s Attorney General, Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda, is in Germany where he went to finalize transactions and witness the transfer of the money back to Malawi Government.

Nyirenda, whom President Chakwera tasked to ensure that Malawi recovers the money, has informed that the Germany Government has been of tremendous help in Malawi’s adventure to retrieve the money which the ‘fraudulent’ dealers kept in Germany.

Shire Times reported the story here when the Attorney General’s move to recover the money first registered a promising success.

Activated by the President’s assignment, the Attorney General commenced the recovery initiative and managed to recover US$182, 000 (about MK186 million) by early November last year and managed to cause the remaining US$543, 000 (about MK564 million) to be frozen in Germany.

The frozen chunk has finally been delivered to Malawi, concluding the full recovery of the money thereby delivering on the recovery promise that President Chakwera made.

The freezing of the money was made possible by a legal battle which the Malawi AG embarked against the purported dealer who kept part of the proceeds of the dubious deal in Germany.

A court in Germany issued a final confiscation order around May this year for the repatriation of K750 Million (516 000 Euros), to the Malawi Government.


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