Monday, July 15, 2024

Malawi Cyclone Freddy hero Yusuf offered job opportunity as MDF soldier

Cyclone devastation in southern Malawi

A young man. He risked his life. When people were being swept off with water following the cyclone freddy devastation in Mulanje; In the midst of raging and violent waters arrived Malawi Defence Forces soldiers. Mariners are probably from Monkey Bay to rescue people. Yusuf told the soldiers, I will go with you for the rescue operation. His role, was first to guide them to the location where people were trapped. Second, to be actively involved in the rescue operation. He told the soldiers, I know how to swim and whatever happens to me let it be but I will go with you.

Decisions had to be made real quick. No time to waste. He jumped in the boat and off the started their sail. The waters grew much more violent. The boat engine stopped. The boat was capsizing. Everyone for himself, they had to jump. Yusuf managed to swim off-shore leaving other soldiers hanging in the tree. The message came with him that the other soldiers are trapped in a tree and the rescuers were now to be rescued, thanks to the back-up team which immediately came to rescue the two soldiers.

For his heroics and selflessness, Minister of Defence Harry Mkandawire, has offered Yusuf an opportunity to be trained as a professional soldier in the next coming training intake, with or without requisite academic qualifications.

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