Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Malawi authorities forgive Ichocho Security Company, issues last warning

After alarming Malawians with a video clip where he depicted that he had kidnapped son to Lawyer Jai Banda, Yasin Suwedi, owner of Ichocho Security Company was arrested and the Homeland Minister threatened that he would withdraw the company’s license.

However, Suwedi apologized and was called for disciplinary hearing which took place at Capitol Hill in Lilongwe. The outcome is good for Ichocho Security Company.

According to the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs who chaired the meeting, Titus Mvalo,  Ichocho Security Company licence will not be revoked on the pretext that the company employs over 200 people whose livelihoods depend on the company.

According to Mvalo, the company has been given eight conditions to follow including resubmitting its company application documents to the ministry within seven days and a serious letter of reprimand will follow which will be the first and last warning letter for the offence. The Company has also been told to engage a lawyer to guide operations of the company among others.

On his part, Minister of Homeland Security, Zikhale Ng’oma said  Ichocho Security Company did not satisfy all registration requirements when establishing the company. The minister said the consideration not to revoke the licence also came as this is the first case to be registered and the company is also the first offender.

Much as Malawians were not happy with the video clip but upon hearing Suwedi apologizing for his conduct and explanation that they were doing it for jokes, the public encouraged the authorities just to forgive him and with what has happened, a good section of Malawian society is also happy.

The meeting was also attended by the Inspector General of Police and Malawi Defence Force (MDF) top brass.



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